sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013


Art Monaco - Monte Carlo

Tenho a honra e a felicidade de fazer parte do 
grupo de artistas da 
que participará da Feira de Arte Moderna e 
Contemporânea que acontecerá no 
Principado de Mônaco,
 em Abril de 2014, ART MONACO 2014.
Art Monaco is committed to present a high profile international exhibition of
 Modern and Contemporary Art.
 We are creating an exclusive meeting point , where rich art lovers, galleries,
 artists, collectors and art critics gather together for a cultural exchange, 
to generate business opportunities and to expand their networks.
Dear friends, thank you for all the support provided during the past years. 
The new review from ART Monaco 2013 will be ready soon. 
We are currently working in the review of the new exhibitors for Art Monaco 2014. 
Our fifth edition will be held from April 24 – 24.

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